"Port Hudson" - General Thomas McManus

Well do I remember, how fifty years ago,
Down on the banks of the Mississippi,
We met the Southern foe,
And faced a storm of shot and shell;
That many a life was sacrificed
Mid battle hell of smoke and flame
On the field of Port Hudson.

Well do I remember, how those days,
The gallant Third Brigade went
Marching down into the woods
Like men on dress parade;
Though from the wood in front
The foe their deadly missiles sent.
Thinning our ranks
Those days at Bloody Port Hudson.

How on the left the Connecticut Thirteenth engaged in desperate fight
And left in front the Twenty-fifth was marshaled on the right;
Side by side, New York and Maine for honors did contend,
When Rebel yell and Yankee cheer was heard at Port Hudson.

And though we drove away the foe
How dear was victory won,
For when the din of battle ceased,
The burning sun shone down upon the bloody field
And shone on foe and friend,
Who bravely met a soldier's fate,
That day on the field of Port Hudson.

Now fifty years have gone,
How soon they pass away,
Since we did wear the army blue;
And now we wear the gray,
For time has turned our hair to gray,
To show us near the end,
And soon will none be left to
Tell the tale of Port Hudson.

Were I to pledge those bygone days
Oh this would be my toast:
"Here's to the dear old Stars and Stripes,
Our country's pride and boast;
Here's to the Union Volunteers,
Who did the flag defend,
And here's to my old comrades
Who fought at Port Hudson."


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