Winchester Cathedral Font

"Also in the N. aisle, not far off, is the ancient sculptured font, in black marble, dating from the 12th century. At the W. end of the N. aisle is a 'Cantoria', or singing gallery. Much of the old stained glass was destroyed by the Puritans, but that in the *W. Window dates in part from 1350."-Baedeker's Great Britain 1890

"Cast of
Unknown Artist
Font with Scenes from the Life of St. Nicholas

The original font was carved in the Flemish marble quarry at Tournai in modern-day Belgium. It was then imported to England and placed in Winchester Cathedral. The original is one of a number of early carved fonts that survive from Tournai. Casts of fonts like this were made to show early examples of freestanding sculpture from Romanesque church interiors.

About 1850-1900
Painted Plaster
Probably Winchester
Given by the Architectural Association in 1916

Polished Limestone (Tournai Marble) Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire"-Info Placard


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