Temple Church

"The Temple Church is the place of worship for both the Inner and Middle Temple; but though the original Round Church was built in the year 1185, the beautiful proportions of the building alone remain, and no era save the present is represented. A few years since the exterior and interior underwent a complete repair, at a cost of £70,000, and the old monuments of the Knights Templers were so redecorated and shorn of their ancient and interesting appearance, that the dust of time no longer remains on these figures. The fine old organ, made by Father Schmidt, on which Blow and Purcell played in long-contested rivalry, has vanished. The choral services, however, are now extremely well conducted every Sunday, and the visitor to London should not fail to be present on one of these occasions at least. The round of the church is open to all, but the choir is reserved for benchers and students."-Bradshaw's Illustrated Handbook to London and its Environs 1862

These are casts of tomb effigies of three of the Knights Templar buried within, now on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The Church went under an extensive renovation in 1842 by Edward Richardson (see above), and these casts were made in 1853 and put on display at the Crystal Palace. The Church was bombed during WWII, so these casts are useful in seeing them before they were damaged. All 3 were originally made of Purbeck limestone while these are made out of plaster.


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