St. Stephen's, Walbrook

"Adjacent to the Mansion House is seen the Church of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, acknowledged to be the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, for the beauty of proportion his architectural skill has imparted to the interior. It was erected in 1675. The altar-piece, by West, represents the internment of St. Stephen, and was placed there in 1776. The roof of the church is supported by Corinthian columns so disposed as to produce a grander effect than the dimensions of the church seemed to promise. Deacon's Coffee House [now a Starbucks], close by, is worthy of mention for the quantity of newspapers, metropolitan, foreign, and provincial, provided for the visitors. The files of newspapers here kept can all be examined for a small gratuity."-Bradshaw's Illustrated Handbook to London and its Environs 1862


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