Captain NICHOLAS Tettersell

The epitaph on the Tomb of Nicholas Tettersell reads:

"Captain NICHOLAS TETTERSELL, through whose Prudence ualour an Loyalty Charles the Second King of England & after he had escaped the sword of his merciless rebells was ffaithfully preserued & conueyed into ffrance. Departed this life the 26th day of July 1674.

Within this monument doth lye, Approued Ffaith, honor, and Loyalty.
In this Cold Clay he hath now tane up his station,
At once preserued ye Church, the Crowne and nation.
When Charles ye Greate was nothing but a breath
This ualiant soule stept betweene him & death.
Usurpers threats nor tyrant rebells frowne
Could not afrright his duty to the Crowne;
Which glorious act of his Church & state,
Eight princes in one day did Gratulate
Professing all to him in debt to bee
As all the world are to his memory
Since Earth Could not Reward his worth have given,
Hee now receiues it from the King of heauen."

Transcription found in "Curious Epitaphs" by William Andrews


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