Natural History Museum Mineral Department

"To the right, above the Geological Department, is the Mineralogical Collection, which contains a most extensive array [understatement] of minerals, meteorites, etc. To the right and left of the entrance are cases containing different varieties of marble and granite. Among the most remember objects in the other cases are a unique crystalline mass of Rubellite from Ava (Case 33), a magnificent crystal of light red silver ore from Chili [sic] (Case 8), and the unrivalled group of topazes and agates (Cases 25 & 14). In Case 13 is a piece of jasper, the veining in which bears a singular resemblance to the well-known portrait of Geoffrey Chaucer. Among the larger objects in the room at the E. end of the gallery is the Melbourne meteorite, the heaviest known (3 1/2 tons)."-Baedeker London and its Environs 1887


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