The Cake Is Not A Lie

Today I was on a late-morning constitutional to see the shops and to go looking for items requested by my hosts, when, on my return, I came across a box on the pavement. I opened it, and there was a cake inside. No one had touched it, looked gorgeous, and was ironically not left by a genius.

I brought it back to the house, for the box said to leave in the fridge, and I, for one, don't like to ruin a perfectly good cake. We ended up being good citizens and returned it round to the bakery. The owner said that the woman who purchased it was so rude and horrid to her with how the cake looked that she refused to take it.

So, it somehow got left across the street and down the block, in perfect condition. Fully paid for and not refundable. We were told we could keep it. So, we brought it back and shared it with the entire building. Hooray!!!


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