A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Wild idea

I am highly optimistic that I fit 8 to 10 people, chairs, and a table in one room in my house to play a board game. Would be a lot of furniture arranging, but it can be done! See how ridiculous I can be? At least there's just me and I have strong male friends to help me make an ass of myself. If my bluff is called, I will make it happen. 24 February 2019. Birthday gift to myself. Heck, if I can run out of chairs for a dinner party, I can certainly create a board game space that doesn't usually exist. Let's see if they go with it. Worst case, I have no one coming over. Best case: Terrance and Saar just sleep over. Optimistic case: Terrance and Saar sleep over AND have board game night at my place, and they save tons of money in doing so. And I get to watch, because I really have no interest in playing the Donner Party game.

Tags: gothiness, mundania, ponderings, wtf?

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