A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Jeremy Bentham is out of the closet!

Normally hiding inside a cabinet at the University of London, Mr Bentham is visiting New York City for a limited time at the Met Breuer on 5th Avenue. He is mostly well known for inventing the Panopticon prison system... and, even more notably, for putting in his will that his auto icon should be kept at the University of London forever... like it was a thing.... it was not a thing... he was the first person to become an auto icon. So, here's me and him together...

Ringo: Jeremy! Can it be you?
Jeremy: Can it be me? I think you better enquire the guard, for when I was captured, they took all my cards!
Ringo: That's enough, Jeremy.

Tags: england, mundania, pix, politics
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