A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Living in the past...a little bit

I have 3 books from the 1890s that I'm using as guidebooks for NYC and the United States; and 2 London guides from the early 20th Century; one from 1860; and a UK guidebook from 1891... all these have me vicariously living in the past... hence my current Instagram theme and posts...
Some of the locations are so descriptive, I really want to go these locations...that are now gone... for example 2 Broadway used to be home to the Produce Exchange, which had a tower the public could climb to look over the city... it's now an office building... Another example is when the Statue of Liberty first opened, people that wanted to climb to the crown, or torch, were given lanterns... that would be so much fun to do!!! Trinity Church also had a steeple the public could climb up, if given written permission to do so... oh, and there's another fun thing... the sub-treasury in the Federal Hall building "will redeem any piece of paper money which is not mutilated more than two-fifths. If mutilated to a greater extent, the request for redemption has to be accompanied by an affidavit explaining the manner in which the mutilation occurred" (New York and Its Environs, Gustav Kobbe). Does that even still happen? That's just so cool to learn! I just would love to go back to the 1890s and just do a bit of Gilded Age exploration... one of the few things still around that I can go see is Carnegie Hall. It is the original structure on the original spot where it was built. Most concert halls from that time are either gone or have moved, like Madison Square Garden and the Met Opera house. Instagram has also shown me that there are many people interested in things like this, not just me.. so I'm not strange to do this at all!
So, thank you readers and followers of my FB, LJ, and IG for enjoying my journey into the past as much as I possibly can... and watch for my 2018 trip to London, where I would like to visit the Crystal Palace remains and cry that I missed seeing that wonder of the Victorian time.
Tags: 1893 nyc, mundania, ponderings

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