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Vintage Photos of highlights from Baedeker's 1893 Guidebook

The following Library of Congress vintage photos showcase buildings and locations Baedeker points out, but no longer exist. As usual, guidebook direct quotes are in bold.

In the apex between Broadway and Park Row is the Post Office, a large Renaissance building, with a mansard roof, completed in 1876. Its four facades are respectively 290, 340, 130, and 230 ft. long. On the fourth floor are the United States Courts. About 2500 men are employed here, and nearly 1,200,000,000 letters and other postal packets are annually dealt with [...] The General Post Office, City Hall Park, is open day and night; closed on Sun. except 9-11 a.m. The Money Order Office, on the second floor, Rooms 16-34, is open daily, except Sun. and holidays, 10-6. The General Delivery windows (for 'Poste Restante' letters) are on the ground-floor.

The Pulitzer Building, with the World Office, of brown stone, with a dome, is the tallest and largest of all, and a splendid View of New York is obtained from the dome (310 ft.; elevator).

Looking to the N. from the Battery, we see in front of us two large red buildings: the Washington Building to the left and the Produce Exchange (below) to the right. The latter, a huge brick and terracotta structure in the Italian Renaissance style, contains numerous offices and a large hall (1st floor), 220 ft. long, 144 ft. wide, and 60 ft. high. The tower, 225 ft. high, commands a fine View of the city and harbour (elevator).
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