A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Summer starts for me

Today starts my summer adventuring... keep in mind, what follows is only what is scheduled as of now, but more will be coming...

Tonight is my first Wonderland party...which, coincidently, is being held near where I used to live in Brooklyn, so that's mildly exciting.

July 4th will be the second time I'm going to the Fraunces' Tavern Independence Day Sunrise Walking Tour, which I have been told (in GIR voice) "will be different this time".

July 6th is my 2nd Tea Party Concert of the year.

July 15th I'm touring Blackwell's Island because it's way more fun to learn about the past of the city than one may suppose.

August 2 is a Voltaire Concert in New Haven. (for those keeping track, this is 2017's inconveniently located concert 4)

Sometime in August, is a week-long trip to the Poconos... (date is TBA)

And then there's Labor Day Weekend... which, besides working, has some parties as well as US OPEN Tennis.

This may not look super busy, but it will get busier for me, for sure.
Trying something new by posting this... maybe others want to join me? Not sure... anyway... that's what's going on so far for me! Much love!
Tags: 1893 nyc, mundania
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