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In adding my voice to the thousands, millions of other voices that already have spoken... I guess everyone gets a turn on this topic. Apparently, I've been in shock today. This morning, my dad told me that Trump won. He'll be the next president. I took it very calmly and went on about my day. When I finally got to go home and scroll through my facebook feed: reading comments, watching videos... I realized this was real. It really happened. This isn't like some parallel universe thing like in Back to the Future 2

This is like, really real now. And it's gotten people talking. That's all of what I've been seeing. From people saying things sarcastically, calmly, confused, absurd... it's all intelligent and communicative. I have friends on both sides of the spectrum, but I think the best answer about what to do about this is not to go protesting, as it really won't do much, but as my best friend said: "Work at the local level on policies that will actually change things and see what policies he actually puts forward and address those as needed." Or... if that's too much work, play video games, like Batman Arkham Asylum.

All in all, while it may not be what everyone wants, it happened. The end.
In closing, I'm going to leave this somewhat long post from my friend, DJ Scoundrel, from the UK: "looks pretty likely at this stage that the USA have voted in Donald Trump. First things first, as odious a human being as he is (and you have to be odious to get as far as he has in business) it's actually not the end of the world, you don't have to escape planet earth and there's no reason to take time off from your life with stress/anxiety as a few seem to be suggesting (during which time off people would only spend their time online reading yet more stuff to panic them anyway, so that helps no-one). We lived through Reagan, Bush Jr, Blair, Thatcher, Putin (a few times), Gorbachev, Jong Il, Castro and we're living through Jong Un and Duterte. We'll survive Trump, the world hasn't ended regardless of which side of the Trump coin you sit on (I'm not judging here, people have different political opinions to me and if you like Trump then so be it, likewise if you hate him then so be it - you can be a good human being and disagree with someone's politics).
"What I do want to address is why Trump obtained as much support as he did and now looks likely to win. Again, all opinion so ignore this if you don't like that kind of thing. There will be a lot of theory that America just wasn't ready for a female president, and in some areas that may hold some weight but I doubt that was the big picture. Likewise a lot of blame will be directed at Clinton herself for running a weak campaign but again, I think that's a lot of hot air. What I do think played a very large part is how those who are "anti Trump" (for a lack of a better term) have spent the last several years vilifying him and generally attacking him via every channel they can find (from the large scale press right the way to individuals on social media). For the last few years it's been impossible to scroll through a social feed without seeing some kind of media designed to attack Donald Trump through old quotes, footage or similar arguments designed to make anyone who votes for him out to be really stupid.
"And what did all this achieve? Well as I see it all these attacks made him out to be the victim, not the villain. And when people see someone getting all this victimisation they start to listen more closely to them, and if just the slightest thing that person has said resonates with them then you've got the perfect storm, combining a few small ideas they like along with a lot of people "bullying" the "underdog", which quickly turns those people into supporters, willing to fight the battles of said underdog. Repeat several million times and congratulations: By slagging off Trump online we've all managed to turn half a nation on to him (this all of course began in the Republican primaries: The sheer amount of attention we all gave to him took what was originally considered to be a joke and turned it into a campaign with momentum - had no coverage been given then I doubt he'd have even got close to the nomination as the Republican party usually likes a frontman who is a little more malleable than Trump is).
"And yes, I've seen the multiple comparisons to Brexit on here too. Worth mentioning that Britain is still in the EU and I still don't believe we'll leave (point 7 of a 10 point plan is in effect for anyone who does read my drivel) but the same rang true there. So many people spent so much time shouting down anyone who campaigned to leave the EU and calling them idiots that they were quickly turned to martyrs themselves and many, many others rallied to their cause whilst they became even more resolute and polarisation very quickly happened. Because of social media nobody is allowed to sit on the fence and nobody is allowed to be moderate. The EU (as an entity) has it's very good bits, and it has it's very bad bits, but that was not a debate that anyone was ever allowed to have as if a person had an opinion for it they were "unpatriotic" and if they had an opinion against it they were "racists". People had to choose a side and those shouting "racist" were the loudest and more aggressive side, so the backlash happened and the UK voted to leave the EU (I could bark on here about why so many areas of the UK which used to be huge on factory/production industries voted to leave but I'd rather have that discussion in a pub over a pint than on here, plus I'm digressing).
"Adam Curtis made a very important point in his latest documentary "HyperNormalisation" - that politicians are really now just there to be pantomime villains and their job isn't really to run anything, it's just to get us all stirred up and angry so we'll basically spend time online, shouting about things to a mirror of opinion who can reinforce what we say and as such society will just tick over. There's a lot of this hiding behind Trump winning the US presidency (it's interesting how in the UK we're so consumed by a US presidential election but we really don't follow any other country to such a huge level when it comes to choosing their leaders) and it can be argued that UK MPs really are of the same fodder (May is painted as the Cruella De-ville character, Corbyn as the Robin Hood-esque nice guy but dangerous for the economy and so on - there's probably an entire Disney roster waiting to be painted to anyone with the time). But with Trump we're now almost guaranteed wall-to-wall coverage (via TV, the printed press, online and on social media) as this pantomime pans out, so we can keep on discussing it for years to come, and every word we say (as these are too, don't fret, I get the irony) goes into a void and ends up pretty meaningless."
Tags: bitchy ranting, mundania, wtf?
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