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I have been thinking about this topic for some time, and I may accrue some sort of hate mail or trolls or whatever for what I'm about to rant about here, but, seriously, I'm going to do it. Worst case, it's my opinion and has no bearing on fact whatsoever. Best case, it's true and the overreacting of this topic in today's society will calm down.

I'm actually going to introduce this topic of my rant with a short video feating Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

So, yes, I'm going to write about GMO foods here. He has a point, that all the foods we eat are genetically modified. I agree with that. I will go even further here and say that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is genetically modified. We're at least genetic mods of our parents. Anyway, the point is, by labeling something as non-gmo just really doesn't make any sense. If it means that was grown outside, without chemicals or whatever, then there should be a label that says "Chemical free". It makes more sense. All these buzzwords and such are just getting a little overboard.
We've got things like "non-gmo", "organic", "cage-free", "gluten-free", "humanly raised", "all natural", etc. Now, granted, some of these labels are easy to understand. Gluten Free products, for example, are products that do not have any gluten in them. The carrying away issue is that the label is prominently displayed on products that were always gluten-free. Adding the label to the front of the package in big letters just is a way to possibly raise the price of the product, or for consumers to feel like they're buying something premium... I gotta tell you, sometimes it's absurd. I bought a package of hot dogs, and on the label it said "gluten free". Honestly, I would be surprised if it wasn't. Gluten is found in wheat. Hot dogs should be totally wheat free.

So, based on Tyson's video, if someone told me my chicken was non-gmo, I would assume that was hunted down in the wild and shot for my dinner. If it "cruelty free", I would assume it was killed by an arrow or it ate arsenic (which would mean that it was not organic). If it was "humanly raised", I would assume that it was given a pipe, slippers, and a newspaper when it got home from a hard day at the office.

Buzzwords are just too much sometimes. I get that some people in society have a gluten intolerance, and that other people have other allergies or intolerances to certain food items, but for those that don't, just eat what you like and don't worry so much about labels. If you really have food issues, there's the internet now. Look up what foods you like and learn about what's in them on legitimate websites. I'm not a dietitian, so my information is merely my opinion. Just wanted to maybe shed some light on how this world is just full of nonsense and things.
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