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Green-Wood Cemetery

I spent yesterday at Green-Wood Cemetery. It is HUGE. 468 Acres... My original idea was to find all the graves and monuments listed in the Baedecker's Guide, however, due to the size of this place, some were omitted. I did find most of them, and they are chronicled here. So...yep... here we go!

Following Ninth Avenue towards the S. from the S.W. entrance of Prospect Park, we soon reach (1/2 M) the N. E. entrance of Green-Wood Cemetery, one of the most beautiful cities of the dead in America, rivalling (sic) Prospect Park in the charms of its undulating surface and extensive views. It is 400 acres in extant. Note: See above, it has grown a bit since 1893.
GW 01

The principal (N.) entrance is in Fifth Ave. (cor. 25th St.), the terminus of the Fifth Avenue Elevated Railroad from the Brooklyn Bridge. The entrance gateway is an elaborate structure of brown stone, 142 ft. wide, with basreliefs
(sic) and a tower 100 ft. high.

GW 03 Ent 02

GW 04 Ent 03

Plans of the cemetery may be obtained here (10 c.)--Now Free-- showing the positions of the graves. Among the monuments of special interest, either from their subject or their treatment, are those to the New York Volunteers, which is now called the Civil War Memorial.

NYV 01
the recast zinc sculpture
NYV 04
NYV 05
Note the sculptures above. The former is a recast of the latter zinc sculpture that has no stood well to time. It was modeled after General Custer.

Roger Williams, De Witt Clinton,

DWC 01
DWC 02
DWC 03
DWC 04
This monument to De Witt Clinton is the second oldest Bronze monument in America. It has been cleaned and waxed to be its original colour, and not that green that happens during oxidation. De Witt Clinton is buried here, albeit he died before the cemetery was created. He was dug up from his original grave up near Albany, NY and brought down here as a way to promote tourism to the newly created cemetery.

Elias P. Howe (the inventor of the sewing machine),

S.F.B. Morse (inventor of the electric telegraph), Horace Greeley,
Horace Greeley
The bronze bust in the middle of the graves; this was taken from the Green-Wood Trolley.

Henry Ward Beecher, Lola Montez, John Matthews, the Pilots, the Firemen,
PM 01
Firemen's Memorial

Peter Cooper,
Peter Cooper

A.S. Scribner, James Gordon Bennett,
JGB 02
JGB 01

and the Brooklyn Theatre Fire Victims.
BFM 04
BFM 03
BFM 02
BFM 01

The expensive monument of Charlotte Canda scarcely justifies its reputation. One of the chief attractions of Green-Wood is the beauty of the blossoming of the dog-wood (Cornus Florida) at the end of May or beginning of June.
Charlotte Canda
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