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Grace Church, and St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery

From the Guidebook:
Grace Church, which, with the adjoining rectory, chantry, and church-house, forms, perhaps, the most attractive ecclesiastical group in New York. The present church, which is of white limestone and has a lofty marble spire, was erected in 1843-46 from the designs of James Renwick, Jun. when he was 23 years old. There is even a bust of him inside the church, which is often mistaken for St. Peter. The interior is well-proportioned (open daily, [12]-5; good musical services), and all windows contain stained glass. There is no guided tour, but there is a cellphone guided tour, as well as a handout to borrow and look at. The handout is the printed text of the cellphone tour, so it's either or. I did enjoy my time inside. Below are pictures of the exterior as described above.




St. Mark's Church[-in-the-Bowery], in Stuyvesant Place, leading from E. 10th St. to Astor Place, stands near the site of the 'Bowerie' or farm-house of Governor Stuyvesant and contains his tombstone (E. wall; from an older chapel) and other old monuments. Governor Stuyvesant's Pear Tree, which he planted in 1644 as a memorial 'by which his name might still be remembered', stood for 200 years at the N.E. corner of Third Ave. and 13th St. (memorial tablet).
First picture is a bust of Stuyvesant; then his grave; then an interesting statue; and lastly, Daniel Tompkins' grave.



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