A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Micro Apts

Just listened to a NPR story from a month ago about micro apt living. This story really annoyed me because they're talking to developers about getting more apts for people, so they're making smaller places to live, but including more "luxury" amenities like gyms, communal kitchens and living rooms, and stuff like that. What is this, dorm living? $1000 a month for 275-square feet is way too much money. I get that some people want more community amongst their neighbours, but to sacrifice living space to get that just doesn't make sense. I live in about 500 square feet right now, and I had a husband living with me for most of the time I've lived here, and seriously, sometimes it still felt too small. It's a good size for one person, for sure, and sometimes two...but not three. The only reason is wasn't so bad was because there are walls here. If this was one large open space, like the micro apts are, it would just be such awfulness. The story also mentions the above rental price as affordable housing. Sorry, but no. That's not. I live in affordable housing and not only is my square footage larger, but I do know my neighbours in my building, and I pay less than $1000 a month. True, I don't have a gym, communal rooms, or a building laundry, or a rooftop garden, but I do have a backyard garden area, a wonderful view of NY Harbor, an excellent view of the Independence Day Fireworks, and *coming soon* a Ferris Wheel. If people want to live communally, like they did in college, that's fine, but honestly, I'd like to have the square footage as well. If I to choose...well... size matters, not amenities. If people want to move to the big city, and live in the center of town, they have to be willing to pay for it. You want to get affordable housing? Oh, here's a novel idea: STOP PAYING HIGH RENTS. If you want lower rents, don't pay the ones offered. If enough people do this, the rents will be lowered. Supply and demand. Would I ever move into a micro apt if it was in Manhattan? I would, yes, if the rent was comparable to what I was already paying and/or more utilities were included in the price. I would also only do it if I was still by myself, otherwise I would stay where I am. 500 square feet is my minimum, guys. 275...well that's a stretch...that's a hotel room.
Tags: bitchy ranting

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