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Erie, PA and Cleveland, OH

The following is excerpted from Baedeker's United States 1893:

Erie, a lake shipping-port with a good harbour (enclosed by Presque Isle) and 40, 464 inhab., occupies the site of a French fort built in 1749 and was the headquarters of Commodore Perry when he defeated the Anglo-Canadian fleet in 1813. It contains some handsome buildings.

Perry Monument 1
Perry Monument on Presque Isle

Cleveland (580 ft. above the sea), the second city of Ohio, with (1890) 261, 353 inhab., lies on the S. shore of Lake Erie, at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, and with its broad and well-paved streets, its green lawns and squares, and its numerous trees ('Forest City'), makes a favourable impression on the visitor. [...] the Arcade, 400 ft. long, 180 ft. wide, and 144 ft. high, with a five-balconied interior, running through to Superior St.

Arcade balconies

Arcade lamp 01

Arcade lamp 02

Near Erie St. is the Public Library (70,000 vols.)
Otterness 1

[...] Farther on are several fine churches.

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