A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Pokemon Go is here... or maybe it's always been

I first heard about this Pokemon Go thingy back in October when I was shown a video about it. It's intriguing, but I didn't think it would catch on as much as I did. It's just crazy. Look, I am a fan of AR (Augmented Reality) because it creates things in the environment that aren't really there. However, I am also a great advocate of SAFETY. Unless everyone around me is involved in the same AR game, I wouldn't want to get hurt. From what I've been told by users of the game, one can eventually find most of the Pokemon in one's home, if they just walk around with their phones long enough, so I'm not really sure how that gets people to exercise. As for being active, I do that anyway by looking for landmarks, museums, exhibits, artwork, etc. I'm sure there are plenty of people who aren't that active, and to them, this is an excuse. It does look neat, and there have been plenty of memes out there from users, but I'm okay, really. The only thing that's gotten me to walk around more is my 3DS and its StreetPass function. StreetPass will go off when I pass another person that has StreetPass on his 3DS, the difference between that and Pokemon Go? I don't have to stare at it! I can leave it in my pocket for hours and take it out when I'm somewhere safe and look at it then. It's on my time, not on Pokemon time. Anyway, I'm not really sure where this rant is going, but I am pretty much saying that a game isn't worth playing if it puts one in danger. Besides, if I had to pick between Pokemon Go and the Ice Cream Museum... I know what I'd pick.
Tags: bitchy ranting
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