A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

The UK voted to leave the EU

This has caused much confusion the last 24 hours or so... however, in the London fog rises a voice of sanity, and it is none other than the amazing DJ Scoundrel of Bristol fame.

I have, with his permission, quoted him from one of his most recent personal Facebook posts:

Ok panicking people, a few things:
- Not legally binding, in fact every single referendum that has been held by other countries who have voted out has been ignored and they're all still in.
- Likewise, the bulk of other countries who have done so have had their leaders replaced as well.
Now I suspect the UK will be treated with kid-gloves to a greater degree than said other countries (ROI, Spain, Greece and Italy who get the "removed leader" thing) as the EU really does need our financial services industry to operate on the level to which it does, as such I'm guessing the following will happen (yay, more lists, everyone loves lists):
- David Cameron will step down shortly (and he'll be very sensible to do so), leaving someone else to begin "the transition". Corbyn may actually go as well, as the opposition may need to not be as "opposition-y".
- New person/government in general will begin work on the acts of parliament needed to leave but don't expect it to get far enough to actually happen because:
- The EU parliament will begin to reform itself in preparation for the removal of the London Market (if you wanted to remain then hug a banker/stockbroker or (in particular) insurance underwriter today as they'll be responsible keeping us in, despite their stupid systems being the most evil ones ever invented). Part of the reforms will split the EU as it stands and begin a new trading group which, I'll bet dollars to dimes, the UK will be invited to the big table for.
- UK government announce we've left the EU (because it's not a thing anymore) and off we go in the new group, which may or may not be better/worse than the previous one.
That's my theory anyway. Most importantly, humanity has evolved through two billion years of far harder times than this. Melodrama fixes nothing.

This is the most sensible thing I've read so far.
Tags: england, politics
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