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Beetlejuice's Wedding Night...

I spent the other week at the immersive Beetlejuice Wedding event at the House of Yes, and I was waiting for this photo to come out before writing about it.


First of all, when I was a little Pam, Beetlejuice was kind of my life. The movie and the cartoon series. I had (and may still have, in the attic) multiple toys such as the Beetlejuice coffin/grave, talking Beetlejuice doll, Beetlejuice full face mask w/ hair and snakes, Adam figurine, and possibly some other things I do not remember at this time... Anyway, when I heard this party was happening, I had to go, so I did. (see above photo). I had a really, really great time.

It starts, as all good Beetlejuice parties start, with drawing a door and knocking three times:

People enter into the Neitherland Waiting Room for their cocktail hour:

Beetlejuice Wedding 01 from Pamela Loetterle on Vimeo.

So great, right? Well... it then gets more interesting as we go into the main room, which also doubles as Dante's Inferno:

Beetlejuice Wedding 02 from Pamela Loetterle on Vimeo.

Eventually, Beetlejuice shows up and we watch the movie, having the audience dance during all the Harry Belafonte songs. This was a great night and a great time. I really felt like my Beetlejuice dreams came true, for just a few hours.
Tags: gothiness, pix, video
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