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American Psycho Review

I'm probably putting this out a bit early on the interwebs, as American Psycho only began previewing last Thursday; however, I do feel I should say something about this show, as I have had a few days to think about it.

First of all, it is really, really good. Even from what I saw, it's really, really good. It will get better, because of tightening up, maybe dropping some scenes/lines/songs/effects, etc.. It did have some slow moments, but these will improve over time.

The cast is great. All of them. I will not single anyone out for they are all great. They're all comfortable on stage and doing the dances and saying the lines and making you just feel so a part of their world.

The effects are also great. There's this great effect with dry ice used in the opening of the show that is best experienced from the Mezzanine. I will not say why, but it is something that sets the mood of the show and unnerves the audience a bit.

The show is very 80s. The songs are 80s dance/club songs, some of which sound like Depeche Mode or Phil Collins.

The show plays itself on being silly and serious at the same time. This is REALLY hard to pull off on Broadway. Shows of this nature have tried and failed (e.g. Dance of the Vampires, Lestat) or they have succeeded (e.g. Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

I re-watched the film about a month before seeing this, so I was delighted to see how many things from the film appear in the stage production. I do think this show is more based on the novel than the film, but it does offer some interesting views on Bateman's story. For example, it becomes really obvious that much of what Bateman does, or thinks he does, is really in his head. Also, it really gives the sense that people who make a lot of money and can do anything they want, do get bored with life and want to do something crazy. So, here's what really made me think... Patrick Bateman, in the 80s, goes to clubs, like Tunnel, and fancy restaurants, like Dorsia, and does drugs steroids, cocaine, and alcohol (often at the same time), which causes hallucinations, black-outs, and other side-effects--like creating false memories. During the show, I was thinking how this story would turn out differently if Bateman had discovered the world of kink/fetish clubs and picked up women that way... would he still be able to satisfy his desires? Was some of this extreme behaviour even going on during this time frame? I don't know the answers to these questions as I was born in the mid-80s and by the time I knew what the 80s was all about, it was the 90s. And now we're in the 10s and reaching back to the 80s and observing what people did and how they behaved and how some of it is similar to today and just wondering about their choices and if they could have made different ones and how it would have changed their stories around...

Anyway, I digress. American Psycho is good and fun and worth paying for. It's different than many of the other shows on Broadway right now and I am sure this will become one of those classic culty Broadway shows right up there with The Rocky Horror Show, Carrie, and Jekyll & Hyde.

This is what American Psycho means to me.
4 1/2 out of 5.
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