A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Update...from my bubble chair (icon)

Haven't posted a personal update here in quite some time, so here it goes...

Life for me, this year, has been quite surprising. The first 6 months were very nice and fun, and the rest has been full of disappointment, change, and surprises. I am sort of divorced now. Paperwork was dropped off at the courthouse about 3 weeks, or so, ago...so now I wait for it be finalized. Not really going into all the drama that went into making this happen, but a lot of support presented itself from some expected and some not expected places.

I'm taking this time to learn a lot about myself and to not let things lie. If I see a problem, I will try and get it resolved, instead of letting it fester about in my head. This only relates to problems that involve me, of course, as other people have their own agency and I will not interfere, unless asked to do so. I've gotten repairs done to the flat that have been visible for some time, as the current lack of furniture has made it easy to get the building maintenance people to get to hard-to-reach places. I'm probably living out on Staten for still some time yet. I'm in a great location, with a great rent, and this area will only get better as the construction by the ferry continues.

Church wise... I'm still going. I teach there once a month, and while I would like to volunteer a little more, work is not making that easy. Work is still a priority in my life, and will continue to be so, as I find such solace in it.

Bought myself a Nintendo 3DS XL portable video game system, and have been enjoying that immensely. So if anyone out there reads this and has a Nintendo ID either on their DS, 3DS or Wii, let me know and we can add each other. YAY!

In summary, I'm spending the next 6-12 months focusing on myself and living for myself and discovering what it is I want from life and striving to get it.
Tags: mundania

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