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New York Haunted Hayride

First of all, it is really, really hard to scare New Yorkers. We see a lot in our everyday lives and have gained some sort of immunity to shock value. That being said, the scariest part of this experience was the transit to Randall's Island. The New York Haunted Hayride offers a Shuttle from 125 to the event. I would highly recommend it! I did not take it, and was stick waiting over 20 minutes for the M35...in Harlem...at 8:30 at night. For those that say Harlem is getting safer has not done this. While I felt generally safe waiting, I was uncomfortable with the amount of people waiting for the bus. Not all of them seemed...sober... I ended up snagging a taxi instead, which was worth it.
Anyway, once getting there, one is greeted by these neat pumpkins:



As well as this guy, who apparently is a squawker of some kind:

The ride itself is 30 minutes long, which is a nice amount of time. There are times when the hayride stops at various areas and people come out and bang on the side of the truck:

Summoning a Wendigo

Satanic Church Service

Weird clay people who turn into clowns

There was also a burning orphanage that featured burnt up children and dead/zombiesque nuns; a side-show attraction featuring monsters like Cthulthu and a minotaur; and an elderly woman walking gaily through a graveyard pushing a pram.

While each of the scenes was fun and well put together, it was pretty tame compared to the Haunted Hayride done up in Tuxedo. This was a bunch of one-trick ponies that stopped being scary after 2 minutes (for those who were scared already). This was their formula: running out of woods, banging on the truck, shouting in people's faces, chasing the truck for a little bit, going away. Knowing the actors wouldn't touch anyone just made it known there would be no problem.

There was one person though, who was dressed as a homeless man, hanging out under the bridge and came up to the truck and mumbled some stuff... I'm not sure if he was part of the attraction or not, but he was the most convincing and the most horrifying New York-type of person there.

I think, if this comes back to New York again, they maybe get permission to do something on Roosevelt Island and do something with the Abandoned Asylum... that would be super neat!

So, in my opinion, should people go to this? Yeah. Should they pay the full price? No.
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