A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Facebook is the Memory Hole from the novel, 1984

So whatever was in the news last week, has been replaced by pictures of cats. The only news stories that still matter are ones the media keeps reporting on. One-off stories are gone and no one remembers or cares. Old news.

Is there a positive outlook to having our world turn into a mixture of 1984 and Idiocracy? Sometimes, yes. People are so surrounded by media and screens that not all news is absorbed or remembered. Reporters may spend more time working a story than it lasts in the media. Companies are promoting the use of smartphone/tablet apps in order to keep up, but that's not fair. Those companies just want to track their users. Personalization is still not a great art, nor would be great if it was. The more personalized things get, the more creepy people find it. For some reason, some websites I visit think I'm a mom. Not really sure where this idea comes from, but I haven't gotten to the point where I'm telling said websites the info is wrong. The targeted ads will easier to ignore this way. Other targeted ads that I get are from websites I already have visited; if I didn't buy an item when I was on the site, the ads aren't going to change my mind. Hee hee. Silly personalized targeted ads.

Really not sure how this world is going to look over the next decade or two. It could be a utopia, a dystopia, or somewhere in between. I'm worried about the current generation of children whose parents are paying more attention to their electronic devices then their own children. Sherlock Holmes may actually thrive in this society, as many people have stopped being observant to their surroundings. There are teenagers that even get violently upset if asked politely to put their phones away. This is the land of the electronic babysitter/safety blanket. I grew up without all this nonsense, so I know how to navigate around it. I don't even update this as much as I could because I'm not reliant on the internet. I'm a mature adult, I know how to use tools I am given, and not abuse them. It's one thing to play with a new toy, it's another to not let it go.

What's going to happen in the future? What will happen if there's a magnetic pole shift or a large solar flare that upsets electricity? How many people know how to live without all this? The percentage, at least parts of the United States, has considerably dropped. Apple cannot save you from a world without electricity. Neither can Google. Both rely on power that may not be around as long as people think it will be.
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