A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Philadelphia Birthday Weekend

Dear Readers,
Due to the time we spent on the trip, I am putting the highlights of said trip into one entry. For those interested, do read on.

Our way in was very nice and we got here with minimum issue. Highlights on the hotel, which is the Hilton at Penn's Landing: free internet in the rooms, many channels on the TV, a bath mat in the tub, and a great view from the window.

There was a lot we saw the last time we were here, for those interested, here is where to read about that.

Here are some photo highlights from our trip:

The Franklin House/Museum, which, by the way, is new. The one I went to when I was younger is gone, and has been replaced with this thing:

We enjoyed the gift shop and are planning on buying a clay tavern pipe and we liked this phrase:

It was a snowy weekend, as well as a cold one, but we did have time for some exploring, especially along South Street:

A man full of trouble
Las Bugambilias Skeleton
snowy street
South St. Drain

For all Philadelphia photos, from this trip and the last trip, please check out our lovely Facebook album. Thanks for reading!
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