A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Birthday week begins

Tonight began the birthday celebrations that culminate with me being a score and a half.
Ate a lovely dinner with my father at Beautique. It had a plethora of flavours in each dish. Portions were small, but beautifully set out on the plates. For my gifts, I was given the Cast Recording of the revival of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. The liner notes are so hilarious, is just another reason to own music instead of digital copies. I also got a gold bracelet from my mother. Pics of it may follow. Undecided.

Anyway, it's down in the single digits for a while. Pretty crazy, but I've been okay. At least I live in a city that can handle it. My dad really loves me because he drove 45 minutes into the city to have a one hour dinner with me and then drove home. I guess it's a big deal I am a score and a half soon. *shrugs* Hasn't hit me yet.

BTW, officially changed my LJ name to clandestiny all other info is the same. Name is different. It's my name on Puzzle Pirates.
Tags: mundania

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