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Today I'd like to talk about.. Feminism

and its degradation of society. Most things people believe they know about Feminism is wrong. On the surface, most people would say that Feminism is believing in Equality for women. Okay. That's fine. There are times, like during the suffragette movement, where there was a desire for women voting. And then there's the equal work for equal pay. I'm sure that in some jobs that may be the case as well. Fine.

Here's where Feminism gets really scary though: it puts men down. Makes men the problem. Tells women that they don't need men to be happy. Don't need marriage or children and they can do everything for themselves. And that all sports and jobs have to have an equal amount of women as men in them. Ummmm..... what? Sounds like a bunch of angry butch lesbians to me.

Let's break some of this down:

Men, in general, are not the problem. Most men are caring, nice, and wonderful who do great things for society and for women. Most men are not rapists. Most men are not trying to brainwash their women into getting married and having children. That is so weird. That's like saying men are those outer space lizard people bent on world domination, which they most definitely not. Women like to get married and want to married. Not all women have to want to. Some just want children out of wedlock. Some want marriage and no children. There are all different types. No brainwashing here. And for those that are married, when asked if they were happy, many women replied that they were. Feminists replied, "Of course they would say that. They've been brainwashed by their husbands". Wow. For the record, my mom was a housewife. She was a super awesome amazing housewife. I wish I could live up to her amazingness. Hopefully, one day I can. She never pressured me into being a housewife, or a mom. She told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. My dad said the same thing. And, well, I want to be a housewife. Best job ever. With or without children.

Let's move on to income inequality, shall we? Firstly, I am at a union job, where everyone, regardless of gender, gets paid the same wage. And, there are more women than men in my profession. Guess the feminists are going to leave that alone. Let's look at other jobs... like... plumbers and garbage collectors. What is the gender difference in these jobs? Not really sure how to find out, actually. What I did find out, was that in 2008, in NYC, there were at least 200 women garbage collectors, out of over 7000 total workers. Ohtanoes!!!11!! That's not equal at all!!! Feminists, where were you in 2008? More importantly, where are you now? Why are you fighting the Sanitation workers union and make them hire more women? Wait... I know why... you don't want to clean up garbage, do you? Little piece of info about me, when I was a much smaller Pam, I wanted to be the person who drove the garbage truck. My mom told me I would have to start by picking up the garbage cans first. This ended me wanting to go into that field, as garbage is smelly. Getting back to plumbers, fire fighters, police officers, military people, and other strenuous jobs. Women can do them, if they can pass the training. Don't make it easier, for then you have people that aren't able to help anybody.

Another interesting note about professional feminists: That is their job. Professional Feminist. They cannot do anything else. That's where their income comes from and that's what they have to spend their whole life doing. So these women speaking out against the hateful injustices are all single, childless women. Ooooooohhhhhhhh.

I could really do more damage on here about how feminist hurt the world, but I'm not. My further links are a good addendum to the topic. Most especially, the book, which contains a myriad more details than I've mentioned here.

Further Links on this topic:
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