A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Traveler's Tournament Practise Round

Yesterday I went to my first golf tournament. I had never been before, and neither had my father.

We went on a practice round day so we could just relax and enjoy the sights. A few nice people suggested we set up around the 15th hole at TPC River Highlands. From there one can see 4 different holes as well as the bonus umbrella in the middle of the water:

If golfers could hit a ball unto this umbrella their charity would get extra money.
We watched for 4 hours from here and saw various golfers attempt shots. Some made it, some did not. However, what was most interesting was the way the players would strategize at the hole and make decisions about where they would want the ball to land:

I also managed to get pictures with two golfers: Miguel Angel Carballo and Seung-yul Noh (pronounced 'Soon you'll know')

It was a fun time. There was a minor mishap using some food vouchers we had purchased earlier, due to lack of food options on practice round day. Otherwise, it was entertaining and fun and I may go to another PGA game again.
Tags: golf, mundania, pix
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