A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

snow daze in December

Came out in the snow to go online. Would rather go outside than have cabin fever. Went out last night to get our 2014 calendar and Christmas cards. Will be starting to send out cards by the end of this week. What else? Oh, the union election results came in and while I received over half of the votes cast, it was not enough for me to win a place on the executive board. It is okay. I will try again in three years. Hopefully, I will be in the city then and thus it will be easier and more convenient for me to attend board meetings. Don't worry about me in this. I am happy with the voter turnout and it's less pressure on me at this time.

The show I've been working on at the Belasco has been extended two weeks until 16 Feb. This is great because not only does it promote my theatre as a place to put on shows, but I will have less time between shows.

Not much else for now. More later.
Tags: mundania

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