A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Extrapolating on the human condition (not literally)

Been attempting to update for a while now, and have not. Many things are on my mind and not sure what will make it onto the interwebs. So, here it goes...

I've been living in NYC for a decade now and I have to say that I could not see me living anywhere else as long. This is one of the hardest cities to live in, and the fact that I've made it means I could live anywhere else easily. While I may not always be financially healthy, we still pay everything on time and we have no debts. Not many people can say that. It isn't just that we have really nice friends, it is that we are careful with our spending. We always think long-term and our extra money is spent on vacations.

Work is a bit slow right now, but we'll be okay. This happens twice a year, normally. When it doesn't, it is awesome. Depending on how it goes, it may only happen once next year, or not at all. I don't normally discuss these things on this forum, but it is a good record of events.

Anndddd... this is the third time I have attempted this. Been hiding from the social media. Not really as important in my life.
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