A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

I am going through my own metamorphosis

Work has gotten really odd lately. I'm not talking about here. What I will say is that I am now looking for something more permanant and long term. I thought I had that, but I may not. I will find what I'm looking for, even if it's out of state. Not looking there first, by the way. NYC has enough jobs available. I have the experience. All I require is someone to take the chance on me. It may get us out of the NYCHA program, if I succeed, but then, that is a good thing. I am willing to stay on Staten if the right opportunity comes along. If anyone wants to give me job vacancy tips, please pass it on. Thank you.

If a prospective employer has found my blog while searching for info about me: Welcome good sir or madam. I do hope you enjoy yourself here. Do e-mail me with any questions you may have as what you may seek will probably not be available here.
Tags: mundania

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