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Hurricane Sandy

I normally don't post entries of this nature, but this time I feel it is important to keep a record of such things.

Firstly, everyone we know is fine. A few acquaintances of ours have some destruction to their homes and/or possession. Secondly, Gov. Cuomo is doing an amazing job. He's been amazing since being elected and continues to astound and amaze the people. He's giving free food, gas, extra food stamps, free rides, etc. to all those affected. He's holding people accountable.

Everyone is working hard and things are coming back.
Haven't fully been online since last week, and that's okay. Thanks everyone for your support. Love you all!

Here's the one thing that highly, highly bothers me though: there's all this information out there via radios, TVs, internet, smartphone apps, etc.... and yet there are many, many people who are just utterly clueless as to what's going on. We're so connected, and yet people aren't looking for information; only entertainment. What is up with that? People didn't know the buses were free, when the ferry started running, where the subways were going, etc. How are we going to come together as a people if information isn't being shared? Actually, wait... it is being shared... why aren't people accessing it? Before people get on my case about some people had no power/mobile service to get the info, I had no power for a day and a half and I could still listen to the radio. Why don't people have portable radios anymore? It's part of the emergency kits that are suggested. This storm was not a surprise. People knew it was coming. Why aren't people prepared? Why wait hours for gas? It's not important. There's mass transit. Seriously.
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