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Today's discussion is on life and lessons and religion. While there are written scriptures and mythological histories from many of the world's civilizations, there are few that still rely on ancient knowledge. Some of these are the world's main religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. While it is important to have a written history and a creation mythos, many, if not all, of the lessons in the texts are still practised today in daily life and conversation. Stay true to the divine entity; be nice to everyone; and live honestly. It's not important to carry a book around and quote from it. The connection is already made, all that has to be done is to recognize that it's there. There is no sin, at least not in the way it's being portrayed. The only sin is egocentrism, that is, believing one is seperate from the divine. All those *sins* people talk about happen due to egocentrism. If one lives as a theocentrist, or strives to be like one (which is being one with the divine, and therefore, one with all), the sins of said discussion will not happen as easily or at all. People are not perfect. People make mistakes. That is why there is free agency. That is why people are forgiven if the mistakes are great. The only one making the decisions is the person making it. Yes, there are Karmic reprocussions to all actions. Those that are living as close to theocentrism as possible will not notice any negative effects at all. It's like always living positively, but not really. Bad things happen. Misfortunes happen. But there's always a reason. Some of which is to learn those lessons and events for one has not experienced that particular emotion or scenerio before. Othertimes it is meant to stop something else or delay it from happening.All are woven into the universe in pathways. The end result always ends up the same. How one gets there is up to the free agency of the individual.

There are those who feel that the purpose of living righteously and keeping covenants with the divine are doing this to eventually live with the divine. All people already do live with the divine. There is no separation. It's not like being away from one's spouse or kids on a business trip. One is not seperated from one's family. One is still with them. If life is about living for the future, what does one do about the present? Every moment towards the future becomes the present, and then the past. Why think about something so far off that the current actions of the present may not even matter. Living righteously is not limiting one's steps one day a week or taking a day off of work to go to a building with like minded people and pray. Living righteously is always living every moment as if it was a Sabbath. If the divine wanted people to all have the same day off, then society would function that way. It doesn't. Many places are open every day. Days off are staggered. Just be. It doesn't have to be a Saturday or a Sunday or a Tuesday. Every day is as sacred as the last and the next. The divine is everywhere. One building is not needed to seek it. Muslims know this. They prey where they are at prayer time. They don't always do it in a building. Wiccans/Druids/Other pagans know this. The outdoors is their temple. Why are there seperate buildings? Just for groups to get together. It's a haven for like-minded people to get together and socialize in the sense of their faith.

There are deep, mystical rituals out there, more powerful than what most people can think of. These rituals are as old as the divine, as old as the earth, as old as time. One of these rituals is the joining, or sealing of two souls together, to be as one. So two people can always find each other in this life, and the next, and the next. It's about living in the present. Being in the now. Not just the future. The now is part of all three time periods and that is what should be learned. There is no separation. All are joined as one. It's a hard concept for some people to understand, but it is there and it is true. Scriptures have a place, but they are not for everything.
Tags: bitchy ranting, religious devotion
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