A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Now it's time for a little schadenfreude....

That's right folks! We're typing today about the RNC 2012... called off due to a Hurricane. Originally set for Miami and moved to New Orleans, it has been cancelled for further notice. All those people down there claiming that: "there is no global warming" or, recently "Why is Obama calling climate change a terrorist threat to our nation?" Really delegates? You can stop science??! You can stop nature? Like the same way Doomsday-sayers can predict that the end of the world is Dec 21, 2012... That's right... SCIENCE OBEYS HUMAN ORDERS. Of course it does. *sarcasm*

What we'd like to see men in $7000 dollar suits holding their laptops over their heads, wading waist-deep through the worst part of New Orleans... FEMA has not arrived due to the incomptent mismanagement. The local folks, the Creoles, having canoes tied to their stairs watching the men and saying things like, "Keep your guns loaded, and watch your boats, or the Republicans will steal them!"

This is just too silly. And, since Romney is campaigning, maybe he should take it as a sign from Heavenly Father that Obama is in it to win it.
Tags: politics

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