A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

It's time for some discussion on current events.

1. Domestic Partnerships:
myrddan and I were domestic partners for about a year or so before we got married. This was done because the benefits we were looking for at the time (lease issues, hospital visitation, healthy proxy, etc.) were available as domestic partners. So, we did that. Unfortunately, no one really cares about it in a practical sense. myrddan was in the hospital for part of that time, and I, while allowed to visit him, could not make or help him make any decisions, as well as I was not told anything from the staff. A domestic partner is entitled to this. Anyway...I've been reading a bit about same-sex domestic partners and how they are being discriminated against, and the point I'm making is that it isn't just them having a problem. It's even the hetero couples that are getting harrassed. I understand the importance of making a case for things, but it isn't always a gender issue.

2. Planned Parenthood: There's a lot of buzz going on about funding Planned Parenthood. My issue with them is not about their abortion policy, or even their low-cost/no-cost OB-GYN services that they offer. My issue is their name is a misnomer. Granted, if one doesn't want to get pregnant and is planning it for later, it does make sense. However, when I went there, under the auspices of wanting to get pregnant (i.e. planning to be a parent), I was told that they do not prescribe fertility drugs, only contraceptives. This is highly ludicris to me as this organization is promoting voluntary temporary (or in some cases permanent) sterilization. It promotes birth control pills and abortions as the main reasons to go. However, it will not help people with illnesses such as PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome, except of course, with Birth Control Pills. This may cause controversy amongst people to read this, and if PP is now helping people with PCOS to become pregnant, I will return to them. If I'm wrong, please show me that I am, and I will apologize. However, I highly doubt things have changed. As to if I'm open to the government funding it... as long the government also funds other clinics than I am.

3. Homeless in New York City: We have a friend, who through some bad luck, is homeless and has been for a while now. He is not a drug addict nor does he have any mental problems. He just doesn't have a place to live nor any ID nor a job. The homeless services in NYC have not been able to help him since he is not a teenager, a drug addict, a mental patient, an escaped convict, a child molester, or a single mother. I find this to be outrageous. He can't get ID without having ID, and no one will help him find a way around this. There's no advocate for this. This has to be brought to light, and so I put it out on my journal in hopes the right people see this and do something.

4. Soft drink cup sizes: Bloomberg and cup sizes DOES NOT LIMIT ONE'S RIGHT TO DRINK SODA. It only limits the size of the cup one can buy. If one wants a 32-oz drink and the largest cup is a 16-oz... BUY 2!! I don't really have to go on and on about this. That's as far as that goes.
Tags: bitchy ranting, mundania, politics
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