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Today is a little rainy in the city. This is not unusual by any standards, but the amount of frustrated and cranky people are. We are fine, but the patrons and the staff are just so... Negative today. I do understand frustration; I, myself, do tend towards such things on occassion [sic]; and on occassion [sic] it is important to vent such frustrations so they escape one's psyche. However, what I have learned in recent months, is that doing it to people just because they are around or to be angry at whomever is around is not the best solution. It doesn't solve anything and only causes strife between oneself and those with whom one is affecting.

I am writing out my frustration on this so it doesn't affect those around me, only, possibly, those who read this, which may or may not be a frustrating post. Anyway...

Other than today being what it is, there is general happiness afoot and minor challenges. Both together create a good life. I feel blessed by all that is in my life and that which is in my husband's, and despite some confusion about our beliefs v. LDS doctrine, all is not at odds as much as there may be pressure to be.

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