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It is as windy as my userpic suggests

Well, here we are in Montauk.
I have super-spotty phone reception, so if anyone has been trying to call, I have not been able to check messages since yesterday. My apologies. Well, not really. I like being away from the phone. It's cool and all. Do leave messages, though, I will return them as soon as I can.

Yesterday, we began our journey with a lovely breakfast at Buon Appetito, which was quite filling and starchy. Afterwards, we made our way via ferry and subway to Penn Station to await our train.
One of the reasons we wanted to go to Montauk was because we would get to ride the double decker diesel train. Which we did, with gusto. We both got to sit by the window, as the train was not very full. Out past Babylon, we started to take in the scenery and noticed various things of elite silliness:

--The term 'hampton' comes from the old Dutch meaning 'farm town'. The Hamptons, then, were once farm communities which are now, ironically, summer homes for the rich.
--Out of the houses we could see from the train, many had their own tennis courts; because, for some reason, they can't share.

Once arriving in Montauk, we located a brochure map and promptly followed it to our lodging: The Sail Inn at Montauk. We made the innkeeper's day by getting a room for 2 nights that has...a jacuzzi! YAY! Why didn't we get a terrace room? It's cold out! Silly people. It's also quite windy here.
We hung out in the room for a while and watch TV. It has all major cable stations, which is a plus and truly wonderful!!
Then, we went to go find dinner...during the off-season...in Montauk...in the Harbour area only...yeah.
We ended up at Manucci's, in which we ate from their pasta special menu. The pasta was all right, but the seafood and the chicken were very good. We are planning on finding some place else to eat today.
Tried to look at the stars, but there is a bit too much light pollution where we are. We're going to try and find somewhere else to be tonight to see them. Also, going to scope out a place to see the sun rise tomorrow morning, or watch the sun set tonight.
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