A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

The Best Landlord on Staten Island, NY

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I do not normally post anything of this caliber in this journal, but I am unable to attract media attention to this spectacular event, so I am doing it myself. I wish to talk about the best, most awesome, #1 landlord in NYC. His name is Jack Dolan. He and his father own the Grey Court Apartments on Staten Island. Why is Jack so amazing? Because he is upgrading the buildings without being forced to.

#1: He fixed all the buildings roofs.
#2: He cleaned out all the basements and de-roached them.
#3: He is upgrading the pipes, which are over 100 years old.
#3a: He is creating new bathrooms for some of the tenants which have to get them, like us. This is being done in a timely manner, and ours was serviceable again with a fortnight. During this time, he has graciously offered a bathroom in a vacant apt. for those without bathrooms. On top of this, he has offered to do what he can to assist his tenants during the process.

And, no, the rents will not be raised astronomically to fund this process. These buildings are rent-stabilized, and as such, can only be raised by the percentage instated by the City of New York.

We are very happy with what is going on, and we are happy we have stayed where we are. Most landlords are not this concerned, and so we want to give him some sort of Landlord of the Year award, but, alas, we have not been able to find any. If any is known to exist, please do let us know. Thank you.
Tags: entries that make you go "awww!"
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