A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Renovations underway

Our landlord's son, who will eventually be fully taking over the rental property has decided to update the buildings as much as possible. This is a wonderful idea, and we are thrilled about it. First, he fixed all the roofs, so that the top floor flats no longer have leaks during rain storms, and now he is fixing the pipe systems and the basement. In doing so, he discovered that many of the bottom floor flats have poor plumbing work, so he is updating all the bathrooms on the first floor of, at least, our building.

We currently have no bathroom, just a hole in the floor. We're using an upstairs flat for our bathroom requirements. Estimated new bathroom time 4 days, which I think is pretty cool. New floor, new toilet, new sink, and new shower...but no more clawfoot tub :(
So, yay! New stuff!

Chowder, our lovely kitty, is totally behaving herself during this process. Not sure what to get her as a gift. Any suggestions?
Tags: mundania
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