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The Mormons and Jury Duty

First time I got to be at a courthouse for Jury Duty, and the summation I have is: It really is a trial by ones peers. At least 3 people weren't sure they were at the correct address (although the words: Federal Courthouse are printed outside), at least 5 complained about wanting to come in during the Jewish holidays, and then various other situations occured involving people's busy lives being taken advantage of, even though being a juror is a constitutional obligation. Adding to all this, I had never done this before yesterday, but I knew more information about the process than those around me! Really??? Common sense people, who has it?
I'm still on phone stand-by for another week, and I have a feeling I will probably get called in at least one more time.

As for the Mormons, there's some background to this:
Some of you may know this already, but we periodically go on a religion search. Not to change what we believe in, but to see what other people believe and how similar those beliefs are to our own. A few years back, I checked out Scientology, mainly from watching the South Park show about said belief system. Anyway, after watching this and this and realizing that Mormons even find this funny, I wanted to learn more. So, we had the Mormon missionaries visit our home. Oh, right... I almost forgot, I did check out this website before doing anything else. Ok, so they came by and we were very impressed with them. Firstly, since we had done our research about the history of the church, the faith, etc., we didn't have to hear it again. Secondly, here is a list of things we liked about the missionaries (in no particular order):
---the church is preaching and promoting theocentrism
---they came with knowledge of the history of the bible, as well as the christian church
---they were very open minded to our ideas as well as what we believe as individuals
---although they both had not watched South Park or seen The Book of Mormon, they were very enthused about us discussing the Mormon aspects of both
---showing them the Book of Mormon my mom had given me, it was recognized as being the one that was passed out during the 1960-something World's Fair (which we didn't know as my mom had gotten it in a tag sale).
---they are just so very nice!

Look, we know about the evils of the Mormon church. We know it isn't LGBT friendly. We know all of that. We also know there has not been any actual scientific or archeological evidence that the Book of Mormon is accurate. However, this is first Christian sect we have researched that openly promotes Theocentrism, which is the word of Jesus, as well as is open to interpretive discussion and questioning of the faith. Yes, in order to join, one must believe that the Book of Mormon is true, but how one comes to that conclusion is entirely up to the individual, although the Mormons encourage prayer.

Don't think we'll actually join the church, but we are fully enjoying the spiritual discourse they bring to us.
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