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At the library again, checking out the internet and the job post sites and the events going on around the area. Work has been really, really, really slow on both ends. Shuberts have 5-6 theatres open out of 14, and myrddan just finished a gig at the St. George spotlighting Tracey Morgan. Unemployment and a few off-the-book gigs here and there are getting us through the summer. We're not broke, and we're not doing poorly, we're happy and we're able to do what we want to do. We're not in debt to anyone, all our bills get paid on time with no late fees or no interest fees.

Spent Monday at the Liberty Science Center in NJ. It was an adventure to get there, as we chose to take the Liberty Park Ferry. Liberty Park is very nice, but there wasn't any shade or wind. It's almost as if NJ plants trees for the sake of planting, but not for their express purpose...shade! It wasn't too hot, though, so the walk wasn't too bad. The Center was not as I remembered it, which was a good thing, because the last time I was there, many of the exhibits were showcasing new technologies, which are now not as new. It was a very child-friendly place, but it was still fun for us. We saw the IMAX Hubble movie, which was incredible. We also saw the T-Rex Sue 3-d movie...which was okay. As for the exhibits themselves, there were a few things we found memorable: there was, on the floor, a large map of the Hudson River area, from the top, near Canada, all the way down to New York Bay. This map was a satellite view, and we were able to find the following locations on it: our flat, my dad's house, Erich's dad's house, and the area Erich grew up in. We want something like that in our home, but are still not sure the best to go about doing it. Another interesting exhibit were the tanks of animals that were local to the Hudson River. There were a lot of large fish and turtles. Don't remember live animals being there before, but seeing them was a great event. The Touch Tunnel was still there, and we did it. The only problem I had was that the infrared cameras set up at various intervals had glowing LED lights around them. This led to the tunnel being somewhat illuminated and not vary helpful to the sensory dep experience. Otherwise, it was a good day, finished with a ride back to the city on the LRT transferred to the PATH, and lunch at Pound & Pence, an excellent British restaurant in the Financial District.

Since then, we've been home playing video games and watching movies. We have been frequenting the farmer's market for wonderful food and produce. It is a shame when the media reports that healthier food is more expensive than junk food. It simply is not always the case. Fruits and vegetables can be purchased at a lower rate than junk food. While it is true a $1 burger is cheaper than a pound of apples, there are more apples in a pound and are healthier as well. We're not cutting back on eating well, for it is not beneficial to us at all. We are currently trying to avoid the following ingredients in our foods: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, Bleached flour, partially and fully hydrogonated oils, aspartame, concentrated juices, and other wierd chemicals which we don't know or can't pronounce. Does it make shopping harder? Not really, because we can still find food items that have truly all natural ingredients and unadded sugars, and we are filling healthier and happier because of it. We know restaurants don't always remove these items, so we don't make a big deal when we dine out, but our home will contain healthy products. The only times we question restaurant items is which their meats. We avoid farm salmon, as well as fish that are not being fished sustainably. We prefer wild fish and animals as much as possible. The meat tastes better, looks better, and we're preserving farms and wild life as much as we can. We're not going to be jerks about this, however, but we are willing to discuss it when asked.
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