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Make it stop, please

I've been a bit highstrung lately. In my efforts to be vindicated, I've been quite annoying and complacent instead of righteous. My mind gets filled with annoyances of the ignorant in this city and all comes out at once on some person or another for whatever reason: loud cell phone talker, inconsiderate loud pointless conversationalist, what have you. I know I can't right the evils in this world, not even one at a time. I also know that this innate rudeness is really only in this city and not in other places around the country or even the world. I'm turning into one of them...and I don't know how to calm my inner self and being. People are just so self-absorbed with themselves and their little electronic devices they forget there are other people around them. Not being observant will only harm them in the end. There are so many things I have to complain about, and while this may be the forum for such things, I don't know if I really should... I just could use advice on how to calm down. How to be vindicated without turning into a shirking crazy woman. How to be more Victorian about it...things like that. Advice is welcome.


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Jun. 27th, 2011 04:50 am (UTC)
from Mel shyneys girl.
Its not just your city, and dont get me started on inconsiderate drivers!!!!!
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