A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

If I was to run for political office...

I would have a speech with would include something like the following:

"I do have lewd pictures and video of me out on the internet, and probably in other venues, and I wanted them to exist. I do not regret doing what I wanted to do prior to running. I do admit to having tried various narcotics and having enjoyed them. I admit to being normal and experiencing life away from my couch and away from organized religion. My personal life and my work life will not mix, and anything I choose to do with my personal time is my choice and has no reflection on my ability to hold a job or perform it to my best. If anyone out there finds what I do in my personal life more important than my professional life, than that person is more shallow than I thought. I do hope this country isn't turning into an Idiocracy. "

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Tags: politics
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