A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

On a more serious note

Egypt started this protest thing. We are know this.
Libya is now the "big thing" going.
However, there are other countries that deserve a look in the protest movement (in no particular order):

Syria: This started with protests during a funeral and has now escalated. Big time.

Yemen: Audio file, good intro to what's going on there.

Ivory Coast: Election madness, there are some women movements going on here as well

Saudi Arabia: Has not started yet, but there are warnings about doing so...scared, scared dictatorship.

Bahrain: Similar to Egypt, yet not really talked about much in the states.

Tunisia: Basic Q & A link to what's happening there

Not sure why these countries aren't talked about as much, but here is the info, people! It's really important the word gets out!

(Just in case some people haven't figured it out yet, I get most of my news from the BBC. They are truly a worthy organization with fair and balanced up-to-the-minute important news. If it shows up on there, it's important. This news, about the protests, for example, is usually the only way I find out about certain things.)
Tags: politics
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