A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

It's my birthday, and it's rainy...but we're inside...yay!

Today is a bit of a slow day here at the Foxwoods.
We had lunch at a cafe. The burgers were good, better than the stuff at the buffet. Afterwards, I played on my favourite slot machine, a Wizard of Oz themed one. I put in $10, plus another $4.15 that myrddan had won from playing Keno, and then slotting (he really is better than me at this stuff), and my highest was $35.45, but I lost all of it. *shrug*
Afterwards, I tried my hand at Blackjack, which had a table with a $10 minimum. I lost that, too.
We're down to our last $5.15, and I'm using it at the Wizard of Oz slot tonight, at 1am or so, when it's less creepy here.
We didn't spend more than we could afford to lose, and we're having fun.
Tonight is lobster night at David Burke, with a pre-fixe of $29 a person, 3-course. It's our nice dinner.
Tomorrow we go home..... YAY!!!

Having a fun birthday and all the posts on Facebook from people is wonderful as well.

The rest are up on Facebook.

My birthday gelato.

Pequot statue glow

decisions decisions

Erich looks like a Pequot...it's the nose

Tags: erich entry, mundania
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