A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Countdown to the lunar eclipse...

So today has been a day of utterwierdness:

-- had to get new cheques from the bank, and when was given them free, as a first time purchase, although I had ordered cheques from them before, when I first opened the account.

-- decided that Middlemarch, while written quite well, isn't really about anything, so instead reading The Mysteries of Udolfo.

-- apparently, the show will start on time with or without Sheri Rene Scott being preset on stage.

-- all the Prets in the city closed early today (4.30 pm) for their annual holiday party, and I had to go to Cranberry Deli.

-- there's a total lunar eclipse, on Yule, from 2.35--4ish am. And it's not being talked about, why?

Yeah. Bunch of odd coincidences or somesort of trinary concordance (really, polynary concordance, if everything has a reason within each other...)

Well, off to eating awesome dessert & SNL. :)

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Tags: mundania, yule

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