A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

Museum of American Finance & Harry's

Today, my friend Merlyn & I went to Museum of American Finance to see not only the museum, but the world's most expensive Monopoly set.
The museum is housed in the former Bank of America building, and still has the original marble floorings and ceiling.
It was an interesting visit, where we saw info on how money got to be used in the colonies as well info on the NYSE and Ponzi schemes and how to read one's credit card statement. The monopoly board was very neat. It was so shiny, you can see yourself reflected in it. The cards seemed silly, however, especially the one about giving each player $50.
There was also exhibits on Hamilton, as well as the new bills and why it's different from the former.
We purchased some postcards and some replica currency from the gift shop.

Lunch was at Harry's Cafe, in Hanover Square. They have a special unlimited champagne brunch which we took full advantage of, while having excellent food. I highly suggest it for a meal.

The End.

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Tags: mundania
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