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American Idiot and my new phone

First, I'll talk about the phone, then I'll talk about American Idiot.
Decided, finally, to upgrade my phone from a regular phone to a smart phone. So, I bought on yesterday at Radio Shack. Apparently, the Serial Number of the phone is not valid. And it happens sometimes. So, I have to bring it back and exchange it...or maybe I'm just not meant to upgrade my phone! Heh.

As for the musical:
Firstly, it took me a while to get into it for various reasons: 1. it was loud, very, very, very loud 2. it's like a punk rock show, and I was having trouble understanding what was going on 3. the teenage angst that is present in the show, feels like I'm 10 years too late to enjoy this production.

However, about 20 minutes in, I started to get the hang of it. It's like taking Hair, setting it to punk music, shortening the show to 90 minutes, and updating it to around now. And you get this show. Mind you, the plot is not the same, but it's the overall concept I'm speaking about. The ability for Green Day to incorporate multiple amounts of symbolism on various types of media simultaneously during the show is a remarkable acheivement, especially because one has to see the show multiples times to fully grasp the entire meaning behind the art.

Billy Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, played St. Jimmy. myrddan was very, very excited to see him, and is neat to finally see someone perform that you've only heard on recordings since 1995. The things that bothered about his one-week engagement were: 1. He's not in the playbill. Not even an insert. He is announced prior to the show beginning. 2. He's playing Tony Vincent's role, which means I did not get to see Tony Vincent, which was the reason I would have gone in the first place (although Tony is on the CD, so I'll get to hear him at least). 3. Cameras. Lots of cameras. Taking pictures, video, whathaveyou. The ushers were doing a wonderful job! Very, very attentive.

So would I go again? Not sure. I'd like to see Tony Vincent do it, but I would be content just hearing him on the CD.

3 1/2 out of 5
Tags: bitchy ranting, erich entry, mundania, reviews
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