A Nonny Moose (clandestiny) wrote,
A Nonny Moose

This is a rant about: Staten Island Ferry Passengers

I'm sure that rant has been posted on various blogs over the years, but it is now my turn!!!! Mwhahahahaha!

Been living on Staten Island for a little over 3 years now and I've been observing the behaviour of the passengers on the Ferry (I am talking about locals here, not tourists, they can be excused for their ignorance, at least for the purposes of this post). Here are some things I find to be eccentric, odd, and confusing (in no particular order):

1. Gathering around the doors before they open (up to 45 minutes beforehand, I've seen!), like if they're not standing there they will miss the boat!

2. Running onto the boat when the doors open. But...where are they going to? Water?

3. Complaining while people disembark from the ferry and are generally impatient. Why? The buses will wait. Usually the boat even arrives on time as well. So...what is the problem?

4. Speaking of buses. Why do people run for them? They don't leave right away. They wait until people are on them. Is it for a seat? I could understand that, but most times the buses they run for will have seats even for the people that leisurely walked off the boat!

5. I am aware that homeless people do sleep in terminal, and that people do wait for other people in the terminal...but besides these two cases...why do people sit on the benches when the doors are open? What are they waiting for? The NEXT ferry?

6. When I first moved here, I picked up a ferry schedule--which I regularly replenish and use as a bookmark-- so I know when the ferry leaves from either side. Now, on weekends, after 7.30 pm, the boat runs HOURLY from either side. So why are people running to catch a boat that doesn't leave for half an hour? Better yet, when I tell people that there isn't a ferry for another half an hour, they don't believe me? Even when I take out the ferry schedule and show them?? Most of these people have lived here longer than I, and have probably even the boat longer than I have, so, really, what is the problem here? Please tell me, I would love to know.

7. What else...? Ohh, I know! The people that complain about the ferry!!! REALLY??!! You're going to complain (for various reasons) about the ferry and taking it? Why do you live on Staten then? Seriously! Move away or shut up! What people should (and many do) complain about is the lack of the MTA on the Manhattan side, to properly sync up the train schedules to the ferry schedules. It has been the same schedule since I've been living here, and I've learned how to live with it, but there are a couple trains that are held over by dispatchers and miss the boat....now, really, why can't people just go home?

If there are any other quirky things people want to add, please do!
Tags: bitchy ranting, humour, wtf?

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